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Absorption Corp. Bellingham, Washington

50 ADSTPD and 65 ADSTPD Waste Fiber Recycle Mills


Ascentia Consulting first provided engineering services to Absorption Corp. in Bellingham, Washington in 2002 for a proposed new 50 ADSTPD fiber recycling facility.  Absorption Corp. recycles waste fiber streams from various mills for the production of absorbent products for use in animal bedding, cat litter, cleanup and spill control.  Absorption Corp is now in the detailed design phase for a second 65 ADSTPD facility in Georgia.  Services provided to Absorption Corp include: 

  • General consultation on recycled fiber line processes.

  • Preparation of process and control diagrams for Washington and Georgia mills.

  • Equipment sizing for Washington and Georgia mills.

  • Equipment recommendations for Washington and Georgia mills.

For more information, visit the International Absorbents Inc. web site.


Their engineers combine a thorough understanding of the recycled fiber industry with strong practical experience gained as mill engineers.


Dennis Moody

Project Engineer

Absorption Corp

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