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Process Design

Ascentia Consulting personnel can offer the process expertise necessary for a successful project.  A complete process simulation can be prepared using Cadsim+.   With Cadsim+ we can dynamically model a process and even simulate the process in operation on the client’s distributed control system.  Please visit the Aurel Systems website for more information on Cadsim+.

Past projects have demonstrated that Ascentia personnel can develop process models during the initial design phase that predict the final process specifications (flow, solids consistency, and temperature) extremely accurately.  This allows for a balanced design, eliminating the need for “over design”.

In addition, our process engineers are experienced in plant start up and operation.  As a result, our processes are designed to be easy to run.  We avoid overly complex control schemes that work well on paper, but are difficult to operate.

Process services offered by Ascentia include:

  • Develop an accurate process simulation model.

  •  Assist in the preparation and execution of meaningful process trials.

  • Conduct on-site analysis of existing plant services to maximize the use of existing equipment and infrastructure.

  • Review process models developed by third parties.

  • Provide complete process design, including the development of practical control strategies.

  • Provide detailed process and control diagrams.

  • Provide detailed chemical systems design and analysis.

  • Review of existing processes to improve quality, reduce operating costs, and increase production.

Typical Cadsim Process Simulation


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