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NorskeCanada, Paper Recycling Division Coquitlam, British Columbia
450 ADMTPD Newsprint Recycle Mill 

For nearly a decade Ascentia Consulting personnel have provided engineering services to the NorskeCanada mill (formerly Newstech Recycling Partnership) in Coquitlam, British Columbia.  NorskeCanada produces 450 ADMTPD of high quality market pulp from post consumer newspapers (ONP) and magazines (OMG) and is consistently ranked in the top quartile of ONP producers.  Projects include:

  • Post Flotation Cells installation.

  • Fatty Acid Makedown system installation.

  • Process debottlenecking.

  • Fine Slot Screens installation.

  • Process and maintenance trouble-shooting of the High Density Cleaners, Coarse Hole Screens, and Coarse Slot Screens.

  • High Pressure Showers for Disc Filters.


Ascentia Consulting always provides our mill with the highest level of engineering services.  Their trouble-shooting abilities have presented us with creative solutions to numerous process and maintenance problems.  The staff from Ascentia always fully consider the process implications of a project, no matter how minor the project.


Technical Manager



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