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Newstech PA Northampton, Pennsylvania

400 ADMTPD Deinked Pulp Mill


Ascentia Consulting first provided engineering services to the Newstech PA mill in Northampton, Pennsylvania in 2001 for changes to the mill chemical systems.  Recently Ascentia Consulting has embarked on a series of projects aimed at improving pulp quality, increasing mill efficiency, and reducing mill operating costs. Newstech PA produces 400 ADMTPD of deinked pulp.  Projects include: 

  • Mill water loops reconfiguration.

  • Fine Slot Screens modifications.

  • Effluent Treatment Plant Tertiary Clarifier study.

  • Process Control Optimization.

  • Process water DAF anionic and cationic polymer systems installation.

  • Sludge polymer systems installation.

  • Fiber recovery.

For more information, visit the Newstech PA web site.  


Engineers from Ascentia Consulting understand our mill from front to back and have identified key problems. They have developed innovative solutions to resolve these issues.


Ascentia Consulting specializes in recycling and it shows in the knowledge that they bring to the table.  They are able to identify the root causes of operational and maintenance problems, then develop solutions that simplify the operation of the mill.


Mill Manager


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