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625 ADMTPD Mixed Office Waste Recycle Mill, United States

Ascentia Consulting personnel provided process engineering and project management for the $25 million rebuild of this deink mill.  The 625 ADMTPD mill is currently recognized as the industry leader in the manufacture of recycled pulp from post consumer sources of mixed office waste paper.  Projects include:

  • Second stage flotation cells installation.

  • Disc filter installation.

  • Pulper rejects handling system installation.

  • Fine slot screens reconfiguration.

  • Mill water loops reconfiguration.

  • Process water clarifier installation.

  • Krima disperser installation.

  • Sodium silicate system installation.

  • Peroxide bleach liquor system upgrade.

  • Sand filters installation for incoming fresh water.

  • Condensate system alterations.

  • MC Pump and chemical mixer installation.

  • FAS upflow tower construction.



Personnel from Ascentia Consulting were instrumental in the success of the rebuild of our mill.


They have an excellent sense of what issues should be reviewed with the staff and what issues do not require our involvement. Their people understand the importance of a close working relationship and clearly have the best interests of the mill in mind in all decisions.


Mill Manager


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